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403: Senior Exhibition

Hey everyone,

It's a few weeks until graduation. On Thursday, April 11th, I hung up my 403: Senior Exhibition piece. Below will be the full process from start to finish. There are a few steps I didn't take photos of so I apologize for that.

*Note: Please click the images to enlarge them and see the full image! Thank you!


Step One:

- Assemble the framing together, insert the shutters into the frame, and size up the backing

Step Two:

- Practice sewing techniques with silver gelatin reject prints

Step Three:

- Print off photos and experiment with developing process (these are the experimental pieces)

Step Four:

- Start sewing on all photos (these are only SOME of the photos)

Step Five:

- Put all sewn photos into hollow form

Step Six:

- Put the backing on and hang in gallery!!

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