Introductory (and Background) about the Artist

November 8, 2017



My name is Jessica Wells and I'm a fine art photographer. I currently go to Northern Michigan University and plan on graduating May of 2019. This is my fourth year and have been improving my skills and figuring out what exactly it is that I want to do with my career. I essentially started out wanting to do strictly landscape/nature photography but upon taking my alternative processes course, I discovered that I deeply love creating sculptural pieces that have a conceptual idea behind them. In a later post, I will be sharing with you what inspired me to start looking into a more fine art aspect of photography. For now I will give you some background information about myself.

I was born in Davenport, Iowa and graduated from Bettendorf High School. I'm an only child and have had a pretty solitary life style. I have been suffering from depression since I was 12/13 years old and have recently come to terms that I'm not as strong as I want to be when battling it so I went and got help. I moved to Marquette, Michigan to attend school when I was 20 years old, taking two years off when graduating high school. It was the first time ever being away from home and not knowing anyone. There was a definite culture shock that occurred at first since I'm originally from an area with 500k+ people to an area with a little over 20k+. I'm generally a shy person due to my anxiety but upon taking medication for my depression (helps with both depressive and anxiety), I've been able to break out of my shell. Though it took me nearly 4 years to break out of that shell, I have been able to make many great connections and friends along the way. To be able to see clearly on what it is that I am wanting to do with my life is something that is foreign yet spectacular to me. I have always been so unclear on what exactly it is that I am supposed to do with my life and as a slowly grow older, I'm coming to a realization: "Don't take everything seriously. Enjoy life, enjoy what it is you are doing, and just be happy." I know that may be a little...redundant but it's something I've come to live by now.


If there are any questions, don't be afraid to comment below. Thank you.



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