My final year and the start of something new

September 15, 2018

Come May 2019, I will have finished my5th and last year at Northern Michigan University. Much has been going on, bother in my life and in my head. I have come to the point in my undergraduate career where I am seriously considering what I want to do once I graduate. My passion is conceptual, installation art but I am thinking more realistically on what will get the bills paid. The amount of outside related photographs I have taken are what drive me to push myself to learn studio based works. An interest in product photography occurred when in my studio lighting course, we had to photograph still life’s. Though it was my first time, I was shocked at how happy it made me to organize and create a layout for different products. It was fun and I originally detested studio photography. I learned what joy it brings when the lighting in the photograph turns out amazingly well composed and it was due to my hard work on getting it. Hard work is what’s key to have a successful life - in my honest opinion. If you want something, work hard and one day you will achieve it.

I digress though. That’s not all. I am highly considering graduate school. Plenty during my undergraduate has taught me but I am now wanting the real challenage. The professional side of the art world. To critique, engage in lectures and studios, listen and observe guest artists, theorize a 2 year project for a final MFA thesis exhibition. Obtaining a bachelors degress is a great achievement but gaining a masters...? Pushing yourself to become a true and honest professional about what it is you have a passion in. To be able to teach it to others. To inform. To engage and learn. To work along side others who have thatsame drive.

This winter, my final semester, I will be in my senior exhibition course. By the end of the semester, a whole class will be showcasing what it is they have learned while at Northern. The idea is already laid out but not finished. There are many pieces to this and they are still forming together. It’s a difficult subject matter and one that forces me to really stop and evaluate the deep meaning behind it. My fall semester is getting those missing pieces and completing the puzzle. There will be a series of posts in the future about the senior exhibition and my progress on my idea. 


For now, this is where I end. More will be posted in the future. If you have any questions, please contact me at 

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